As a “beginner heathen” I have som…

As a “beginner heathen” I have some questions on first where to start as far as just “getting my feet wet”. Secondly, I have a disability that requires surgeries every so often, am I allowed to get them? Is there any kind of ritual that I can/should do before said surgeries to grant me safety through them? Am I allowed to still wear my pentacle charm with my mjolnir charm? What are the burial customs for when I die?

Hey there 🙂 I’m gonna keep “getting your feet wet” ‘til last ‘cause I’m gonna list some links for that.

About surgeries, absolutely you can get them! knowledge and scientific advancement are great things to be sought and respected, and taking care of yourself medically is very important.
I don’t know about specific rituals that you should do beforehand, but you might want to pray and give offering to (a) god/s that are associated with science and medicine – (in my view) Eir, Freyja, Idunn, Odin, and Sigyn.

Yep, you can wear your pentacle with a Mjolnir amulet.

Burial customs can vary depending on the individual and also on what’s legal in the country of their death; historically cremation was common I believe, usually with personal belongings and items that befit the deceased’s social-station – either on a regular pyre or one built upon a grounded ship (like in Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s account) before being interred in a burial mound.
I personally want to be cremated and interred in a small, minimal barrow maybe with a tree planted on top.

Now as to “getting your feet wet” here’s some links: