Do you think it’s possible for a Heathen…

Do you think it’s possible for a Heathen to date a Xstian?

Absolutely! I was in an amazing relationship for 4 years with a Catholic-raised agnostic woman, even now my ex and I are great friends and there’s definitely no contention between us about faith.

Of course, it depends on the individuals you’re talking about, like, a hardcore fundamental Xtian probably isn’t gonna be okay with anyone they would consider heretical or blasphemous, and any Heathen with a deep-set hatred of Xtianity will probably feel mutually.
I personally find all of that kind of thing ridiculous – just a spiritual pissing contest, really; as long as someone isn’t proselytising and isn’t stuck two-thousand-odd years in the past then I don’t have a problem with them based on faith, and I’m more than happy to have conversations with and learn about the faiths of others.
But yea, as long as everyone’s relatively chill about things and don’t try to one-up each other or force their beliefs/practices on one another then as far as i’m concerned it’s entirely possible 🙂

(I’m aware that some Norse pagans have converted from Xtianity and have bad experiences/memories of the religion and so dislike/are uncomfortable with it and that’s perfectly reasonable, I’m not trying to delegitimise how they feel. There’s just a difference between that and being intentionally antagonistic, unprovoked which, I feel, is just childish and unnecessary)