What’s your opinion of how marvel depict…

What’s your opinion of how marvel depicts Thor and Loki (both the comics and the movies) and how the History channel depicts Vikings in that tv show by the same name?

um, generally not a fan… I don’t hate it though, like I can watch a Marvel film with Thor and still enjoy it but, I don’t particularly love how their characters are written (they have their moments, though) and in the back of my thoughts somewhere there’s always this screeching little voice whining about “that’s not what it says in the Eddas!!!”

But that doesn’t honestly bother me in any significant way, and I do quite enjoy some of the fan headcanons that I see sometimes like there’s one I saw (paraphrasing here) about Thor meeting Peter Parker and handing him a mug of ale and someone tells him that Peter’s underage to which he responds “oh my mistake”, hands Peter a second mug of ale and says “you’re a growing boy!” – That, to me, is very Thor-ish, like I would easily accept that as an accurate representation of the kind of behaviour of my actual god.
So to put it simply; I’m not a fan and I won’t go out of my way to watch the films, but I can still enjoy them if I see them.

Kind of the same thing for Vikings; I haven’t kept up to date with it since, I think season 2. I enjoy(ed) it for what it is, but I can absolutely understand why others don’t because the ignorant just accept it as 100% historically accurate and perfectly representative of culture, etc. which it’s certainly not but, y’know, I just enjoy the drama and the fight scenes lol. Oh and Lagertha’s an absolute badass <3