Tips on distinguishing signs from the Gods? Li…

Tips on distinguishing signs from the Gods? Like how do I know if a pack of ravens is just hanging out in my yard or if Odin is trying to be like Hey hi hello?

haha mate if you can figure that out please let me know; generally I just go on vibes. If I feel like something is/might be a sign then i’ll take that on board and I’ll pray and offer and try to pursue contact – after all, can’t hurt to try. I’d suggest looking out for other peoples’ experiences and how they go to maybe inform your own critical eye, Some basic possible indicators can be:

  • If you’ve been considering something and you experience what you think could be a sign from a god that is involved with that thing, eg. considering schooling [the pursuit of knowledge] and a bunch of ravens rock up [odin’s attention]
  • Generally strange/unusual occurrences, eg. things not being where you left them, unusually good luck, finding something in the street or at a shop that seems to “speak” to you, seemingly subtle or out-of-place instances of runes or other symbolism (including interaction with or sightings of associated animals)
  • Dreams. Just, if you dream of them or something that could be associated with them
  • Some kind of reoccurring pattern, like if a specific colour or number or emotion or something seems to keep showing up or if different kinds of potential signs all kinda happen consecutively, or if a god’s name (or several) show up in a bunch of different contexts/situations/just repeatedly

None of these are guarantees though – they can all be explained by perfectly mundane reasoning so it’s pretty much just up to what you determine but you have to keep in mind that actively looking for signs or being on the alert for them means it’s more likely that you’ll perceive things that aren’t signs as if they were, and also that you could misinterpret a sign as having a different meaning than it actually does… it’s kind of a catch 22 situation haha

And that’s pretty much all we have; personal interpretation, possibly group-interpretation if you find/know others that you trust for that. But y’know the more you analyse that sort of thing the better you’ll get at it, it’ll never be a guarantee, though. My solution has been to just make peace with the idea that i’ll never be certain of these things, to take them as they come and just do my best. I think that’s all any of us can really do outside of having some form of direct communication which I don’t so I can’t really speak to that