So I’ve heard a theory that Ragnarok has…

So I’ve heard a theory that Ragnarok has already happened. That we are in the remnants of that world with a new sun and a new moon. (Name spellings are gonna be bad sry) Gimli is the name of the new realm, ruled by Villi, Ve and a few sons of Thor and Odin. That our current people then came from Lif and Lifstafr. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve only heard this story from a single source but I was curious if you’d heard it before.

yup I’ve definitely heard this theory, a few different times but the general ideas and main-players are the same (Baldr, Modi and Vidar are some of the others). 

I personally don’t really go in for Ragnarok, like… I feel undecided on it’s validity as a genuinely held belief by the Norse people before any interaction with Xtianity. I feel like it seems just a bit too close to biblical armageddon to be the original, untampered story, at least. The most credence i give to Ragnarok right now is as more of a kind of symbolism than an actual literal event and that the different parts of it represent forms of spiritual and social growth; revolution against authority, the settling of grudges, rivalries and debts, and the overall goal of peace and prosperity for all. Which I don’t really think was the original intent of the myth but it’s my contemporary perspective on it. 

So after all of that to answer your actual question, haha; I find the theory intriguing and worth discussing but overall I think it’s incorrect and I don’t buy it