How and when can I start talking, praying/wors…

How and when can I start talking, praying/worshipping the god(desses)s properly or how do I know if they even want me and how do I know which particular god(desses)s accept me?

Pretty much whenever you want, you won’t necessarily know for sure if they do or not but keep an eye out for signs like, beneficial coincidences, out-of-the-ordinary phenomena and occurences, generally more successful or positive experiences in the things they rule over/are associated with. They might also come to you in dreams, or make themselves known in general vibes (like, suddenly you feel warm for no apparent reason, or comforted, etc.), shifts in weather or temperature and that sort of thing.
Same thing goes for knowing which ones “accept” you, you’ll have to pay attention to things and see what comes to you – look for good or bad things in the realm of their influence. You can also choose to initiate if you want to.

Generally my preferred method is trial and error; if you want to start a relationship with a god or you suspect a god may be trying to contact you, give offerings and pray then see what comes of it.

Here’s a link to my FAQ page I’ve answered some questions like this before so just have a look through what’s there and if you’d like clarification on anything, I’ll be happy to do my best to provide it 🙂