Lovers’ End

Freyja my eternal warmth,
I come to you in this end
A love is dead, but a love yet lives
No longer lover, yet ever friend

A pain profound, this loss begets
Your wealthy grief adorns me
A joy yet, I still know
Should the one I love be happy

To thrive must a flower grow free
With plucking greed comes only death
Love, as you have taught me
Is to want only what brings them breath

Aye Freyja, though now my heart does weep
For the future, it is merry
The love of friends-eternal lives
Even if there be no Honey

To witness a beloved thrive
Means to revel within the self
So may she live free and joyous
Fulfilled and in good health

Seel se Freyja!


True love is when you only want the absolute best for the other person and their future, regardless of where that puts you in their life or if you’re even a part of it at all