Pagan Pride Not a Safe Place for POC and are N…



Tonight I decided to try to get some answers (again) out of Pagan Pride as to their stances. I asked a question at 4:55 p.m. ass to their stance on the LGBT community and Declaration 127. I finally got an answer at 10:22 p.m. and was told the moderator was a lesbian, so they supported the LGBT community. I then asked if they supported POC and were anti Nazis/Aryan supremacists. I was told they support peace. Finally after thirty minutes of phrasing and rephrasing my question I got an answer: no. We don’t support racism. But, I was told that Nazis are ok so long as they are not true Nazis. I was also told by the leader of my branch that they don’t do “politics.” 

I will be posting the screen shots tomorrow morning. I just wanted to get this out there tonight. Pagan Pride is a Nazi Apologist group, and is not a safe place for POC. 

Part 2 here:

I appreciate what the OP is trying to do here. But as a member of
Colorado Springs CUUPS, I can say this was a major misunderstanding and a
case of the Staff not being informed on Heathen issues. One that has since been clarified and cleared up with the Leadership.

The Staff of this Chapter include People of Color who absolutely DO NOT sympathize with Nazism or White Supremacy.

is my post with screenshots addressing this entire issue. It took me a
lot of time with Staff to figure out this miscommunication, so please
take some time to read it. They were deeply concerned that this
confusion took place.  

Colorado Springs CUUPS: Nazi Free and Declaration 127 Proud