Hello! I was wondering if you could possibly …

Hello! I was wondering if you could possibly suggest a runic symbol for love or had any other suggestions for a tattoo? My sister is very adamant about getting matching tattoos before I move out of state and I want us to get something meaningful. I'm sorry for asking but I was afraid no one would respond if I made a post about it 😅

Absolutely, and no need to apologise – I’m more than happy to help! 

Hm, for a singular rune I would suggest Ingwaz or Gebo.

For other suggestions, relating to love… the main gods that come to mind are Freyja, Freyr, Frigga, and Sigyn so imagery of flowers (eg. each having the other’s favourite flower), the family suidae, the genus bos, gems and minerals, bees, and/or anything else you might associate with them.
Also, if you like text-tattoos, perhaps a quote, verse, or stanza that is significant to you.

and I’ve designed a bindrune for you, that I think might suit your purpose if you like it 🙂


The Foundational Rune-makeup

Mannaz: The base representation of the interpersonal relationship between you and your sister.

Ansuz: For the assurance of a strong connection and communication between you.

Wunjo: To carry and represent the joy and comfort of each other’s company and your relationship with one another.

Ingwaz: To represent familial love and all that, that entails.

Gebo: To represent a healthy, reciprocally beneficial, rewarding, and supportive relationship.

Algiz: To represent protection and caring of each to the other and a bond/connection between your spirits.

The Overall Meaning: Represents a sibling relationship of love, trust, communication, familiar comfort, friendship, and protection that’s held within the soul and unaffected by distance.

I hope something here will work for you,