Hey everyone just a reminder/psa for new follows that asks are always open with anon, and very much welcome; requests are entirely free, and I have no limit on how many you can ask for – but if you have a spare few dollars and you feel like you want to, then donations are really appreciated 🙂

I also wanted to throw this out there; just in case anyone’s bored or got some free time or whatever and has some talent with visual art, if you have any interest in redoing the norsegodcalls avatar picture (I made the current one in paint, ‘cause… yea) that’d be really awesome, whether it’s a better-quality version of the current one, or an alteration, or something totally new –

So if any of you are interested,

i’d be really excited to see what you can do! Oh and if there were more than one design submitted then I’d swap between them every so often so yea, that’s all 🙂