nazi’s Sorrow


nazi scum; your time is done

May your body wither and The Wolf consume you,
your soul be forsaken by gods and men
My hatred is an oath to your doom
May you seek happiness and find nought but horror
To seize your nerve and make your mind bend.

May your house burn and your land rot
May you starve and thirst but be left empty
May there be no mercy on you nor your soul
May you find no compassion in this realm nor any

nazi runt; It’s you I hunt

May your lungs freeze and The Huntress skin you,
your fear be savoured for eternity
My breath is an oath to your grief
May you be abandoned by all and left desolate
And know my joy at each flake of your agony

May your hands break and your teeth shatter
May you be wracked by misery, profound
May your torment be neither escaped nor outlasted
May anguish, to your soul, be bound

nazi fuck; you’re out of luck

May your bones splinter and The Left-Hand ruin you,
your hope be crushed from your heart left sundered
My life is an oath to your failure
May you beg for the mercy of death, to meet your end
And be met by Shoah-souls; vengeance-hungered.

May there be no end for you, nazi filth
May ages pass in the face of your suffering
May you know, I hold no fear nor pity
May you know the vast depths of my loathing


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So you’ve probably figured out that i’m feeling a bit… displeased right now. I had a lot of anger building up today and this seemed like a relatively constructive way of putting it to use and getting it out so if you feel like cursing a nazi the fuck out, go forth with my blessing and this gift. Seel!