A curse on white-pride


May you never feel the Northern gods’ presence in your soul
May you walk through life ever incomplete
May you weep each day ‘til your death, for your loss
And be shunned by all you love
May you beg for that feeling of comfort and familiarity
As you’re plagued with ill-belonging
May you never enjoy warmth after cold,
And forever feel Winter’s ire in the deepest parts of you
May you find anguish inescapable
As draugar invade your sleep
And the pain they deliver unto you
Follow you as your shadow through each waking second
May the suffering of each person you would ridicule and ignore
Be compounded and delivered as a hammer-blow to your spirit
And may my fury, my rage, my despisal, and my hatred
Form the inferno that leaves your mind as ash.


A curse to be used on any nazi, white nationalist, or general racist