Transcendent Chant

Frey, lo flower lord to the
Cerulean stamen soul’d
Cultivation; shaping growth
To bring forth inner gold

Freyja, blossom lady of
Roseate pistil spirits
Passion; freeing verity
Defies oppressive limits

Skadhi, trackless pack-mate to
Livid, stark anima
Obscure; ambiguous essence
As divine as any flora

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I wrote Freyja’s stanza for myself to use as a short repeatable chant, then decided to add Frey and Skadhi’s stanzas and share it for everyone to use if they like.
The choice of wording and its intended contexts and definitions is important for this:

Cerulean and roseate refer to blue and pink, livid stands for both white and black and so the three together refer simultaneously to both the trans pride flag, and the black trans flag

Stamen is the word for the “male” organs of flowers, whilst Pistil is the word for the “female” organs – now anyone with even a passing knowledge about human gender should be able to figure out that these terms and what they refer to have no bearing on human gender identity or expression, but considering that Freyr and Freyja are both gods that are associated with flowers and masculinity/feminity, and also that flowers simultaneously possess both stamens and pistils I figured that the terms could be pretty fittingly repurposed as allegorical imagery for the social constructs of human feminity and masculinity and how they relate to transgender and non-binary folks

My usage of the word “ambiguous” is meant to convey both a state of being undefinable and/or of portraying two or more possible definitions