After my last poll about doing history posts I…

After my last poll about doing history posts I have been dying to find some time to sit down and write about some of the pieces i sell so lets start out easy with one of my favorite pieces that i wear daily.

This particular piece is based off of a finding from Tromsø a Northern city located in Norway. This gorgeous horde of jewelry was accidentally found by two five year olds playing around the roots of a tree in 2005. Archeologist went on site and were able to find a few other items including, a silver bead as well as an intricately woven silver chain with bronze end terminals in the shape of a dragon, and lastly a stunning brooch these items were dated and from around 900 AD. Source

In the second picture you will see a bracelet inspired by the original finding and hand crafted in Sweden by Stig owner of @viking_kristall

Im honored to he able to sell his amazing wares alongside mine and you can find these bracelets as well as some matching woven chains on my website

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