Okie dokie, artichokeys! I reckon it’s probably been long enough that I should make another one of these posts; This blog, its writer (hey, that’s me) and all original (and also, I should very well hope, reblogged) posts on it are staunchly, vehemently, and unapologetically: 
and just generally,
ANTI-bigotry, in general (feel free to remind me of something I may have missed, if you’d like to see it specifically listed).

and thus, in logical-conjunction, are also:
PRO-”antifa” (~oooo!~)
PRO-poc lives and rights (eg. BLM)
PRO-lgbtqia+ (and NO the “A” doesn’t stand for “allies”, fuck me…)
PRO-working class
and just generally,
PROfucking everything that should just be inherent to being a decent person!! (again – tell me if i missed something you’d like to see specifically listed: I’ll edit the post. Plus, I try to do my best to make/keep this as a safe space, so please let me know if i have failed in anyway at anytime and I will work to fix it and to do better in the future).

If you are, or if you align yourself with, or if you even sympathise with: the people included in the “ANTI”-portion of this listing, kindly give yourself an habanero-salsa enema and get the fuck off this blog; I hate you. I despise you more than I could ever put into words but the curses i’ve posted on here might possibly give you an inkling of an understanding.
This space is not for you, these works are not for you – I am not for you; In fact it, they, and I are all very specifically against you (lemme give you a quick idea of what i mean; I am an Ashkenazi Jew, transgender, bisexual, anarchist) so leave! There are so many different and colourful ways for me to say it but they all boil down to one very simple and easy to understand command:


Edit: I now identify as a transwoman, not agender (my pronouns are she/they)