Winter’s Welcome

A chill relief upon the breeze
A frosted joy that glides ‘pon earth
Brumal are my hummed refrains
for now is coming Winter’s birth

Through snowfall, will a huntress stalk
Through vengeance, predators made prey
Frore is she to the wicked
for whom she’s coming to repay

On fleece slopes will a skier duel
On competition is his heart
Gelid glee be his branding
for which he’s coming to take part

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The weather here seems to finally be getting cold now that we’re a month into Autumn and I’m just so happy to finally be free of the sadistic heat of Summer, I wrote this in my excitement! And for everyone in the Northern hemisphere currently in Spring and heading towards Summer; Firstly, my deepest condolences – nobody deserves this. Secondly, hopefully this might work in getting a couple of gods-in-particular’s attentions and bringing some cool changes amid the coming heat..? Or if not, at least it might help you reminisce about better, colder times…