A Blessing Nonbinary

Xanthous and impavid:
Thor, hearty hemflout
See my pith invigored
With which, ipseity, to tout

Achromous and refutative
Syn, willful warden
Repudiate the bigoted
And so protect my kindred

Violaceous and unfettered
Loki, avid anarch
May assumptions, I shirk
With nary definitions stark

Atramentous and undefined:
Odin, grand graysoul
Wisdom knows no binary
And nor should my identity

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A prayer/blessing for all nonbinary peeps – and a big grin from me to anyone that can figure out the little riddle/puzzle that I’ve included in it
(hint: it’s spread across the four stanzas)

This piece was requested by @sovereignoblivious