Hi, I found your tumblr by a lucky accident an…

Hi, I found your tumblr by a lucky accident and I really like your poems. I like to ask you: How do you know if a god calls you? The answers the internet gives me are vague at its best or weird mystified answers that feel weird like the writer tried to make himself sound special. There is a lot of reoccurring stuff since I was a kid what makes me wonder if I missed the signs out out of cluelessness or because I wasn't ready yet. Thanks for listening.

Hey there, and thank you 🙂
I would guess that the reason why you’ve encountered vague or mystical answers is because no one really knows and the best we have is guesswork, or to put it in a possibly less contentious way; even if some of us do know, we have no scientifically reliable way to prove it.
I can say for sure that I don’t know, though – I think the most effective thing you can do is to look critically at your own experiences and decide for yourself.
Apart from that, the only suggestion I really have if you think a god may be calling to you is to try reaching out to them in return with acts such as praying and giving offerings – even if you’re wrong it can’t hurt to try (and you might draw their attention to you anyway, if it’s not already on you)