Hey!!! I really don't know how to start t…

Hey!!! I really don't know how to start this, but first of all I would like to thank you for the help you provide to the community. I am an asatru and would like to connect with others here in Tumblr, but I am really afraid to bump on white supremacists, racists or homophobes. I already had some experiences with them and it has been awful, so an advice would be really useful for me! Thank you a lot if you're reading!!! ^^

you’re welcome 🙂 it’s honestly my pleasure, i love having the opportunity to do what i do here!

Ah yes, definitely one of the biggest problems we, as Norse pagans, face in our community – I could probably speak a fair bit as to certain behaviours and mindsets coming from social norms and conditioning outside of Heathenry that make it easier for the fascist creep to insert itself here (and in other paths of paganism), but I feel like that would probably be best presented through a separate post (and with a lot of time, research, and planning so for now, here is:

Ash’s Checklist for nazi-vetting

  • Check their username: If it has the numbers “14″, “88″, or “18″ that can be a red flag. That’s not to say that the existence of these numbers in a username instantly points to nazism (or white nationalism, etc.) because it’s just as possible that they’re favourite numbers, birth years, or ages (one of my favourite terrible jokes is that online antifascist culture is being eternally suspicious of everyone born in 1988) but it’s good to keep an eye out for those numbers and take a close look at any blogs that use them, just in case. Also be on the lookout for the terms “odinist”, “traditionalist”, and “folkish/folkist”, there can be non-racists (mostly newbies) that use the terms but 99.9% of the time that’s not the case and pretty much any anti-racist Norse pagan with a couple years of experience knows the connotation that they widely hold and thus avoid using them.
  • Check everyone’s content and “likes”: When you find someone new to follow or when someone new follows you make sure you go to their page and check through what they’ve been posting and, if you can, “liking”
    (if a blog doesn’t have a link to their “likes” you can try adding /likes to the end of the blog url or typing tumblr.com/liked/by/username into the address bar – it won’t always work, but it can)

    to see if you can spot any white supremacist/nationalist/nazi/etc. symbology or talking points such as; historical nazi Germany photography and propaganda, the schwarze sonne/sonnenrad/black sun or “it’s okay to be white” – in fact here’s the ADL’s list of hate symbols, there’s a lot of them but most are fairly unoriginal and once you’re familiar with a few you can generally recognise the similarities in others.
    It’s also important to note that not only racist shit spills can have historical photographs of nazi Germany or the black sun symbol and these things can be legitimately displayed by non-racist individuals, however in my experience that’s extremely rare (a bit less so with the black sun because some people just don’t know about its history with nazis) and it pays to check thoroughly just to be sure. 
    Another instance of this not-only-used-by-racists scenario is the “Nine Noble Virtues” or NNV – a lot of everyday perfectly fine Norse pagans subscribe to them (including younger me, so please don’t think i’m judging you if you do/have, it’s not your fault if you’ve been misled but it is your responsibility to inform yourself and fix that mistake, we are all perpetually learning and growing). To put it bluntly the NNV are

    misconstrued, ahistorical, sterilised garbage made up by racist pukebags, but for a more in-depth perspective I highly suggest Thorraborinn’s ( 1 & 2 ) and Grumpylokeanelder’s ( 1 & 2 ) posts on them.

  • Check who they’re following: Not all racist fuckery is overt, some bigots can be very low key and not post anything explicitly wrong or immediately identifiable as bigotry – It’s worth doing a quick check of who they reblog from, ‘cause even if they’re only reblogging the ostensibly safe stuff from an otherwise hateful blog they’re still seeing everything else that they don’t reblog and either silently agreeing with it or not considering it an issue worth unfollowing over – either way this is a problem and the most sinister possibility of their reason for doing this is that they’re attempting to hide their true motivations and beliefs in order to try and infiltrate more moderate circles that would otherwise reject them so as to gently introduce their concepts and ideals and plant the seed of their ideology under the guise of reasonable discourse (this is what’s called “the fascist creep”). Some non-overt post materials that are popular with bigots can be; porn, pregnant white women, and (a lot of) photos of white families/children – again these aren’t exclusive to bigots and shouldn’t be used as grounds for assumption but they can be an indicator of a need for further scrutiny
    I feel like I can and should go into more depth on these and other concepts, tactics and how we as a community can develop a strong antifascist mindset, culture and solidarity so I’m now planning on making a separate post for it all (perhaps several ‘cause it could be a lot), it’ll require some considerable time, planning, and research though so unfortunately it won’t be soon, but it will be coming
  • The Valkyrie Squad: @valkyriesquad is a kickass blog that I strongly recommend you all go and follow which posts alerts about users that engage in bigotry within the Norse pagan and other pagan communities on tumblr, they also maintain a very useful list of vetted and safe blogs that you can ask to be added to and/or if you’re looking for a suggested follow-list (be aware only one mod is operating the blog at the moment and the requests to be added to the safe list have backed up a little, so it’s worth checking back regularly for new additions and being patient if you request to be added)
  • Explicitly state your stance against bigotry: Put it in your blog description, make posts about it, reblog posts about inclusivity within pagan spaces and communities, make sure that anyone who looks into your blog just a little will know just how much you fucking despise nazis, white supremacists, homophobes, transphobes, and all the rest – they won’t all necessarily see it but at least some will and won’t even bother with you (although the tradeoff is that some dipshits may send you messages full of every slur they can possibly imagine in the hope that one of them might set you off, but personally i view this as a positive ‘cause it just makes it that much easier for me to identify who to block – really it depends on how sensitive to that sort of thing you are, but I think it’s worth it)

And I think that’s it for now, I hope you can put my advice to good use and find a lot of great Norse pagan connections, I’m also always happy to have a chat if you want!