How do you make runes? I love your blog btw. S…

How do you make runes? I love your blog btw. So much inspiration and I got to learn so much about Norse paganism in more "practical sense". Keep up with the good work 😉❤

Firstly – thank you so much! i’m really glad my work’s been able to help you 🙂

Okay, now as to how to make runes – honestly pretty much however you want, you can make it as simple or as basic as you’d like and use pretty much whatever materials you’d like but i know that’s not a very helpful answer, lol, so i’ll give some material suggestions (my generally preferred materials) and some ritual method suggestions:

Rune-plate material suggestions: Timber (eg. a tree branch sawed into discs), Metal (eg. small squares of iron or steel), Ceramic/Clay, Stones (gem or regular) – the important thing to remember is that you want all the individual pieces to be as uniform as you can get them so that they won’t stand out through touch.

Rune-symbol medium suggestions: paint, charcoal paint/paste, engraving, wood-burning – 

On the note of trying to keep the runes uniform to touch, if you do choose to engrave or woodburn the symbols then you might also consider covering the runes with a clear resin or something to smooth over the indentations.

And here’s a link to a ritual method i’ve suggested (it can be used as is, for inspiration, and/or built upon)

Have fun and good luck!