Hi there, could you perhaps tell me what you c…

Hi there, could you perhaps tell me what you can do to pray to Eir? I've been having health problems for quite some time now, and thought she might be the best choice? Also, are there runes for health? Like a Blessing? To maybe get a tattoo of..

Firstly please allow me to advise you against being tattooed while you’re sick. In general it’s safer to just not get tattooed if you’re unwell as (fresh) tattoos are prone to infection and if your immune system is already weakened then the possibility is only multiplied.

For your goals I would suggest offerings of things related to health and healing: bandages, honey, citrus, chicken soup, salt, garlic, silver, etc.

There are definitely runes that can pertain to health or healing, I would suggest any of: Algiz, Berkano, Dagaz, Ingwaz, Laguz, Sowilo, and Uruz

The prayers I’ve written to Eir may be useful to you

I probably don’t need to say this but for the sake of being responsible, I will; please make sure you get actual medical assistance for your health – prayers and offerings are no substitute for actual medicine.

Good luck and I hope you’re well soon,