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The whole Ragnarok thing. If we're alive …

The whole Ragnarok thing. If we're alive when Ragnarok happens do we still end up in Hel? Our souls are still there after Ragnarok? Do we even need to believe in Ragnarok? If we choose not to, does that make the lore less valid since most of them involve Ragnarok in some way? I'm sorry to ask all these at once, but I don't have any friends that believe the way I do, so I don't really have anyone to discuss this with.

I’m pretty sure that according to the general myth Loki empties Hel and takes all of it’s denizens with him on his fingernail ship, Naglfar to fight in Asgard because it’s the final war and all of that… My general reading of the result of Ragnarok if it’s being taken literally is that everything changes; Yggdrasil itself is burned down and from its ashes a new world tree grows but not everything from the old world is gone – some of the gods are said to die but lots still remain to be the gods of the new world so I would assume that our souls would also continue existing… But see, a good chunk of the info we have comes from Snorri (though he quotes Voluspa but even that isn’t above suspicion) so I’m already heavily sceptical of it’s validity as a representation of Norse beliefs… I suggest that you read Voluspa, Vafthrudnismal, and Gylfaginning for pretty much most of the info we have on Ragnarok but I’m not really the best person to ask about the nitty gritty particulars of it all because I just don’t really believe in it, not as a literal event anyway which brings me to your other questions;

Nope, we do not need to believe in Ragnarok – but we should study and discuss it with a critical eye and theorise on its possible interpretations and significance.
I wouldn’t necessarily think it makes the lore less valid but i suppose that all depends on how rigidly you try to believe in, and how literally you take the myths to begin with… 

I generally read the myths more as a skeleton of a cultural spirituality; the bones and the spirit are there, but the meat’s all been eaten away and without the meat you can only really get so much of an idea of what the creature actually looks like, so it’s up to us to look at the bones, learn what we can but keep in mind that it’s only the scaffolding and we’re not the first one’s to find the skeleton so some stuff might’ve been moved around, taken away, replaced, or swapped out with other skeletons of the same species by the time we got there and now it’s our job as a community of Norse pagans to work together, learn what we can from reconstructionism but recognise that not all of it is gonna fit or make sense in this era, talk that stuff out, theorise, write new myths, and discover SPGs so we can put meat back on the bones – and it might not look exactly the same as it did originally but it’ll be breathing and moving, and it’ll grow 🙂

I completely understand anon, it’s okay I’m exactly the same; literally all of you on here are my Norse pagan friends – I have none “IRL” 😛


So I’ve heard a theory that Ragnarok has…

So I’ve heard a theory that Ragnarok has already happened. That we are in the remnants of that world with a new sun and a new moon. (Name spellings are gonna be bad sry) Gimli is the name of the new realm, ruled by Villi, Ve and a few sons of Thor and Odin. That our current people then came from Lif and Lifstafr. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve only heard this story from a single source but I was curious if you’d heard it before.

yup I’ve definitely heard this theory, a few different times but the general ideas and main-players are the same (Baldr, Modi and Vidar are some of the others). 

I personally don’t really go in for Ragnarok, like… I feel undecided on it’s validity as a genuinely held belief by the Norse people before any interaction with Xtianity. I feel like it seems just a bit too close to biblical armageddon to be the original, untampered story, at least. The most credence i give to Ragnarok right now is as more of a kind of symbolism than an actual literal event and that the different parts of it represent forms of spiritual and social growth; revolution against authority, the settling of grudges, rivalries and debts, and the overall goal of peace and prosperity for all. Which I don’t really think was the original intent of the myth but it’s my contemporary perspective on it. 

So after all of that to answer your actual question, haha; I find the theory intriguing and worth discussing but overall I think it’s incorrect and I don’t buy it

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oh dang should credit: the "time is bendy…

oh dang should credit: the "time is bendy for the gods" thing is something i picked up off systlin — she's super cool and her myth retellings are The Best

oh totally, she’s an absolute badass! hey @systlin 🙂 anon and I are talking about these two posts: 1 & 2

Hi! If requests are open could I possibly requ…

Hi! If requests are open could I possibly request a general prayer of thanks that I can incorporate into my morning routine?? I'd love to write one myself, but i'm no good with words.

requests are literally always open haha 🙂 absolutely I can do that for you, but do be aware (and this goes for everyone who has requests being worked on atm) that I have some personal stuff I’m going through right now so – requests are still open and still being worked on but they might just take a bit longer is all


How and when can I start talking, praying/wors…

How and when can I start talking, praying/worshipping the god(desses)s properly or how do I know if they even want me and how do I know which particular god(desses)s accept me?

Pretty much whenever you want, you won’t necessarily know for sure if they do or not but keep an eye out for signs like, beneficial coincidences, out-of-the-ordinary phenomena and occurences, generally more successful or positive experiences in the things they rule over/are associated with. They might also come to you in dreams, or make themselves known in general vibes (like, suddenly you feel warm for no apparent reason, or comforted, etc.), shifts in weather or temperature and that sort of thing.
Same thing goes for knowing which ones “accept” you, you’ll have to pay attention to things and see what comes to you – look for good or bad things in the realm of their influence. You can also choose to initiate if you want to.

Generally my preferred method is trial and error; if you want to start a relationship with a god or you suspect a god may be trying to contact you, give offerings and pray then see what comes of it.

Here’s a link to my FAQ page I’ve answered some questions like this before so just have a look through what’s there and if you’d like clarification on anything, I’ll be happy to do my best to provide it 🙂


on chaining and unchaining — the interpretati…

on chaining and unchaining — the interpretation i like most is that time isn't necessarily linear for the gods the way it is for us. loki is, at this moment, both chained and unchained and as such is free to interact with people

perfect, i love that! that’s an excellent theory 😀

So, like, Loki is chained and Fenrir is chaine…

So, like, Loki is chained and Fenrir is chained. When people worship them and feel their presence are they accepting that or are they modifying the lore to kinda suit their own lives?

jeez you’re all getting pretty philosophical atm, huh? it’s great, I love these kinds of discussions! 😀

Alright, so… both? and also neither? Just the same as the last ask, it depends on who you’re asking. Some people believe that they’re physically chained but that, that doesn’t have any effect on their ability to interact with us spiritually others believe that they’re able to walk free and that the myths are either more symbolic or just plain wrong and see I think a problem a lot of people seem to have is that they want there to be one pure, inarguable truth and for any conceptions existing outside of it to be objectively incorrect but… that’s just not possible.
Literally the only way that could be a legitimately existing phenomenon is if someone could communicate with every single god, have them all tell the same story as they perceive it,

know for certain that each and every one of them is being truthful,

corroborate the evidence of everything they’re told, sort it all into an itemised and linear narrative, and then prove it without doubt to the rest of us.
Outside of that exact circumstance I maintain that we have no other choice but to accept that all contradicting narratives that are honestly held beliefs and relayed in good faith are equally true because none of us can reasonably prove otherwise, and all that leaves us with if there is a singular narrative being pushed and demanded as the objective truth is hegemonic dogma and I’m not okay with that.

Has anyone played Dragon Age: Inquisition? those of you who have, and who have spoken to Solas in the game might remember when he’s explaining about his fade-walking and you can ask him which of the two narratives he experienced about the Battle of Ostagar was the truth and he answers that they both were. That is pretty much how I think of the myths and peoples’ modifying of them; the truth about the gods and the myths is subjective and it depends on who you are and how you experience the world and spirituality that determines what your truth is.
It’s also incredibly important to remember that all the myths were written by people, just like you or me, there was nothing special about them, really – they conceptualised the truth in their way and recorded it but ours isn’t a dead religion, our gods aren’t stuck in the past, and there is no good reason that we can’t conceptualise our own truth about things in the here and now. I mean there’s nothing stopping you from writing your own myths! So do it! Add to our spiritual culture with your own experiences and perceptions! Not everyone will agree but that’s not the point. The gods can’t be simplified and filed down into one universal truth, they are by their very nature contradictory, multifaceted and impossible to pin down and that is something that should be celebrated, respected, and represented 🙂

Now I’m just gonna throw out a few musings and ideas I have as possible forms of some subjective truth (note, I’m not saying that I necessarily believe any of these just that they’re all possibly true and none of them are more or less valid beliefs to hold):

  • Each time an innocent person is ostracised, vilified, or unjustly punished because of another’s fear, hatred, or other bias The Fenrisulfr becomes symbolically chained. However each time such an oppressed person revolts and engages with revolutionary theory and fights back against their oppressor The Fenrisulfr symbolically snaps his chains and runs free.
  • Loki was bound but Sigyn devised a way to free him.
  • Loki and/or The Fenrisulfr were never bound. It just didn’t happen.
  • Loki was bound through magic to never cause another’s death and the wording in that myth was meant to be symbolic.
  • The Fenrisulfr escaped his chains long ago – perhaps Tyr returned to remove them – but Ragnarok isn’t an actual thing and now Odin’s got a bit of egg on his face and perhaps a certain volva got a stern talking to but not much else has come of it.
  • The Fenrisulfr was chained like those dog-chains with a peg in the ground so he has some level of movement but perhaps just can’t reach Asgard
  • Whenever someone plays a prank Loki is symbolically free, but if/when they receive retribution for the prank Loki becomes symbolically bound.
  • Pretty much literally whatever else might make sense to you.

tl;dr – There is not and cannot be one, singular, universal, all-encompassing truth applied to the gods and spirituality